Taking Steps Against Hunger

Bridgeport, MI

This year, our sixth annual event, we are pleased to host a Virtual Race.  As always, your registration donations will benefit three local food pantries:  Bridgeport Food Pantry, Saginaw Metro Ministry Food Pantry, and the I Support the 1% Veterans Food Pantry. 

Your race will take place in a setting of your choice.  You can run, walk, saunter on your treadmill, bounce on a pogo stick, anything that makes your experience of Taking Steps Against Hunger an enjoyable one.  We look forward to "seeing" you before or on race day as you participate in helping the food challenged in our area. 

There are some new options available for racers this year.  You can purchase an attractive race package from itsyourrace.com that includes a t-shirt, racer bracelet, and bib with Runners Stay Strong theme (Photo below).  You also can download a timing app. 

Be sure to follow our Taking Steps Against Hunger Facebook page for updates and news.

100% of this virtual race's proceeds go directly to Taking Steps Against Hunger.

In these difficult times dealing with the COVID19 pandemic, it is important that we all are still getting out and exercising. There is also a great need to support our community's food pantries as we have many friends, relatives and neighbors in need of food items. This is a great opportunity to continue to exercise our bodies and, more importantly, help others in need. Since this is a virtual race, after registering, you are free to run or walk your race at your leisure and where you want to run or walk. We have this website set up so you can enter your time from your run or walk anytime from Sunday, September 13 until Sunday, September 27. We do want to remind you to remember guidelines from the CDC and our government to practice safe social distancing as you participate in this worthy event.

Getting your race time into the Taking Steps Against Hunger Results Page:
You can list your virtual race time 2 different ways. The easiest is to upload the free mobile app which will track your distance, route and time, and you can upload your time to Its Your Race directly through the mobile app. You can also upload an image of the route you ran to Its Your Race. To upload the mobile app, use the appropriate link (Apple or Android/Google) directly on the right side of this screen.

You can also enter your time manually by clicking on the Result tab near the top of this screen, scroll to your name and click the Update Time button. (Update Time button will not appear on the Results pages next to your name until Sunday, September 13) You will then need to sign into Its Your Race using your email address and password you used when registering. If you registered as a guest, you will need to register yourself at this time to enter your time. Please make sure when searching for your name you have chosen the correct race that you registered for – either the Virtual 4 Mile or the Virtual 6 Mile.

If you choose to purchase the Runners Stay Strong themed shirt/swag option, please be aware that the shirts are high quality 100% cotton shirts, so please choose your shirt size accordingly, taking the shrinking into account.

Finally, we want to thank you for your support of Taking Steps Against Hunger. Below is a photo of the race shirt and swag available to purchase if you choose to do so.

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Sep 27, 2020


3:00 PM

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Bridgeport, MI

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